My summer vacation ended today – where did the time go? Well, what better way to spend those last few «moments of freedom» than going for a photowalk with my good friend Line?

Kaldvell is a favourite place of mine. Usually I am happy with staying near the river’s end, there are fish ladders and other kinds of fun motives there. Today we hiked along the footpath next to the river, upstream from the ocean. There are several stops along the path that can keep me captivated for hours. This time we focused on the first two of the many waterfalls found a bit up the river. I brought my brand new Edge 50, my trusted Edge 80, and the fun that is the Circular Fisheye.

Sidenote: Line has recently upgraded her 1st gen Composer to a Composer Pro with the Edge 80 and Sweet 35, and today’s trip really got her hooked, yay! But then, the Edge 80 tends to do that to people – it’s the perfect beginners optic, I reckon.

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