… and then when I say «gold», I follow up by editing all the golden lush out of the photos. Oh well, I wanted to try something new, but I believe I will be sticking to the colours in the future!

These photos were taken during a test period with the brand new Lensbaby Sol 22 for m4/3 cameras. I use a mirrorless Olympus EM-10, which has a crop factor of 2x. This means, the lens’ focal length will be the equivalent to a nifty fifty or thereabouts (fullframe measures). This is the widest Lensbaby has gone for m4/3, and I will have to say that they have made a fab little lens!

My only slight complaint would be that I am usually shooting LB photos at f/5.6; with my shooting style, I am more confident with subtle rather than max blur. However, 1: The blur isn’t as obvious as has been with previous LB sweet spot optics, 2: I have experienced that the lens’ bokeh blades narrows the aperture with a step or perhaps even two, and 3: it has forced me to reboot and think differently – which is always a good thing!

Also, note how the bokeh blades add an interesting texture to the out of focus areas – can you spot in which photos they have been engaged?

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