Square winter details

My take on this year’s 52 challenge is “black and white details” in square format. These are takeouts from today’s effort, in colour.

Twisted evening

Oldest kiddo and I ran out to soak up some of the lovely September evening sun – to better cope with inbetween rainy days, school, and work tasks.

The fish ladder

Kaldvell is an idyllic spot not far from where I live, a fish ladder and several waterfalls are among the many nice motives for an eager photographer.

Christmas greys

Christmas greys was dominant during today’s photowalk with a friend. She got a Lensbaby kit for Christmas and I taught her a few beginners’ tricks.

Bubbly bokeh

Took my two boys for a seaside stroll, equipped with my brand new Velvet 56. So exited for this lens! That bubbly bokeh the V56 produces is something else!